[Grant Proposal] Aura Video Series

Grant request for Aura Intro and Aura Helper videos

Name: Trantor

Organization: N/A (individual application)

This proposal is about easing the user experience for new defi users and ensuring that they are familiar with how to use Aura Finance, Balancer and some of the other protocols building in the ecosystem such as Redacted’s Hidden Hand, Badger’s graviAURA and the pounders on Llama.

This proposal seeks to complete a series of youtube helper videos that show a step by step guide on how to complete certain actions or answer certain questions. Examples would include how to claim using HH, how to use Aura Finance, how to create BPT etc. The first of these videos, How to delegate to Aura Finance video has already been completed and is here: Aura Finance Helper Video #1- How to delegate your vote - YouTube

Each video would meet the following criteria:

-Be no more than 5 minutes in length

-Include a video that shows step by step how to complete certain actions

-Must be in line with feedback received from the Aura Ambassadors regarding frequently asked questions and areas of concern from within the community.

Initial proposal:

Video 1 – How to delegate (completed)

Video 2- How to stake using Aura Finance

Video 3- How to use Hidden Hand and the incentives

Video 4 – How to mint AuraBAL and what it’s all about

Video 5- How to use other places for Aura Finance: Badger and Llama.

Video 6- How to Compare and contrast different Balancer pool tokens on Aura Finance

The above videos are an initial start with the option of completing any video for Aura finance as requested by the Community and as updated for relevance on an as required basis.


The initial request is for a wallet to be funded with 0.3 ETH and 100 Aura tokens (although more can be added if preferred). This will then be the wallet used to stake, earn incentives and generally use within the ecosystem. This wallet will also include set positions in different protocols to allow for a compare and contrast option as per video 6. Please note the contents of this wallet will remain the property of Aura Finance and are not meant for payment, they are to allow for demonstration.

Funding: The proposal to fund these videos is to allocate a flat rate of 500 Aura tokens per video which will be locked into vlAura upon receipt. Payment only to be made after the completion of the videos and once the Aura Ambassadors are comfortable with the content.

It is also requested that the ambassadors be allowed to request additional videos as needed to better answer community questions and to promote user engagement as required.

Benefits to the Aura ecosystem:
The video series will provide an easy on boarding experience to those who are new to defi or new to the protocol. The series can also be expanded to include tokenomics explanations or to host AMA type events at the discretion of Aura Finance.

Funding Request:
As above. In Summary:
0.3 ETH and 100 Aura tokens for demo wallet
500 Aura per video (which will be locked)

Update: Please note that as I am a member of the committee that reviews these grant requests, I will not be voting or discussing my proposal in the committee setting. This is to ensure there is no conflict of interest as per the Committee guidelines.



Would you be open to just doing one video first in the series, seeing the product and the traction before proceeding on the remainder. We’re also curious as to what channels that you have, other than Youtube, where these videos will be released and shared.


I would be open to doing another single video for the series if that is something that would help. The first video is already done which documents how to delegate your voting power and is up on you tube now. It has just under 100 views at the moment but once a series of videos is made then they would be something that Aura could use to onboard new users etc.

As far as channels go, only YouTube.

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Further to this, many of the questions about Aura centre on direct user experiences. The goal of having a funded demo wallet would be to showcase how everything plays out for an individual through the video series over months. so, for example, a demo wallet with 1 ETH is funded. we then walk through buying Aura, Aura BAL, minting AuraBAL etc in different videos. The whole purpose is a series of videos that make the entire on-boarding experience super easy.


The AEF Governing Committee has approved this grant request, with modifications.
Grantee’s videos appear to have an audience but the requested rate of 500 Aura per video is too high without clear Key Performance Indicators. The Committee would like to see a single video completed first at a reduced rate of 250 Aura. If the video is able to meet the following performance criteria then the remaining 250 Aura will be paid: 1. 1000 views on YouTube, and 2. At least 50 likes. Further, at the discretion of the Committee, more videos can be commissioned should the first video be deemed a success. These additional videos will not require an additional grant proposal but will be decided by the committee using a simple majority vote. The Aura demo wallet (0xe5cedE505f026b35E9b948ffC82E0E4B230D1EbE) will also be funded with 100 Aura. Decisions on what to purchase, in line with the requirements of the video, must be discussed with the Treasurer prior to any videos and purchases being made. The contents of the demo wallet can be recalled by the Aura committee at any time and are not the property of Grantee.

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This is awesome
Great for promotion am also working on some marketing and promotion campaigns
Waiting on

To be done then I can initiate the campaign

YouTube is one of the place to catch people who will have interest on AURA
And it’s part of the plan

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Update:Aura helper series completed thus far:

  1. How to delegate (completed)
  2. How to stake using aura Finance (completed)
  3. Vote Locking and the incentive system (ongoing)
  4. Withdrawing from a LP (completed)
  5. AuraBAL (under review)

You are doing a good job mate :heart:


Aura Helper series completion update:

  1. How to delegate (released) Aura Finance Helper Video #1- How to delegate your vote - YouTube
  2. How to stake using aura Finance (released) Aura Finance Helper series 2 How to stake using Aura Finance - YouTube
  3. Vote Locking and the incentive system (released) Aura Finance Helper Series 3 - Vote locking and delegating to HH - YouTube
  4. Withdrawing from a LP (released) Aura Finance Helper Series 4 - Withdrawing from a Liquidity Pool - YouTube
  5. AuraBAL (released) Aura Finance Helper Series 5 - AuraBAL how to mint, trade and stake - YouTube
  6. Claiming incentives and HH (upcoming)

Please note all videos have been reviewed prior to release.


nice one @Trantor i also think its high time we pass the message bout aura to a wider audience via youtube channel and twitter

Videos 3 and 5 have now received over 100 views each.

As per discussions surrounding the allocation of Aura for these KPI may I humbly request 500 Aura (2 x 250) which I will lock on receipt? Any additional Aura for these 2 videos will only be available once they reach the other specified KPI, 50 likes or 1000 views.

Videos 4 and 6 are getting closer but have not reached 100 views yet!