[Grant Proposal] Defi Wars

Name: Krayz (@krayzfi on twitter)

Organization: Defi Wars

Detailed Description of Grant Request

Hi Aura community - I’m the maker of Defi Wars. I recently launched tracking for the Aura Wars (Aura Wars), and have been tracking the auraBal peg in the Balancer Wars since the summer (Balancer Wars). I made Defi Wars to bring transparency to defi after noticing how opaque many of the ve token wars were.

I have lots of plans for how to expand Defi Wars in the future such as:

  • adding yield data
  • adding unlock data
  • routing you to “mint vs. buy” automatically for a given liquid wrapper
  • “peg leaderboard” to rank all liquid wrappers
  • much much more

How will your project benefit the Aura Ecosystem?

Having the Aura Wars (and the auraBal peg) puts Aura in front of a lot of defi users, and gives Aura an un-biased place alongside other huge defi wars (Curve, etc.)

How much are you requesting for the grant?

500 AURA which I will lock for at least one 16 week cycle

I don’t believe in requiring projects to pay me to list their project on Defi Wars, it’s not the defi way! This grant is truly is optional, no strings attached. Without any grant, I’ll continue to update the Aura Wars, and continue to track the auraBal peg. However, with a grant I’ll be able to spend even more time making Defi Wars a fantastic un-biased source of transparent data across defi.

Thanks for your consideration! Feel free to reach out on Twitter at any time (@krayzfi or @defiwars_)


Welcome to the forum, brother! The AEF Committee will review shortly.


This proposal is currently under review by the AEF committee. Committee decisions will be posted here in the coming days.

The DeFi wars dashboard is a useful and fun way to track how individuals, DAOs and protocols amass their governance tokens. This latest Aura page nicely complements the Balancer wars page and the funding request for its ongoing maintenance and updating is very reasonable. Fully supported by the Committee and the funding for this grant has been approved and implemented.


Thanks team, confirmed receiving it. Really appreciate the support, and looking forward to following along Aura :rocket: