[Grant Proposal] Establishment of Aura Wiki

I would like to launch a Wiki for Graph Ecosystem and hope to gather support from community to fill it in and help maintain going forward.

Currently there are some info on the

page but it’s naturally limited and updated slowly as it’s designed to attract attention and route people. Future rebrand is going to just make that more clear but not going to create more place for content. Website is also maintained by the Foundation and has limited capacity for maintenance of some content that is changing.

The idea is to have a place where a person can learn from basics about Graph, it’s mission and vision; learn strengths of the protocol and see how it compares to other potentially familiar chains; learn about ecosystem

It would be important to have “router” places that would be informing where various info lives.

A good version is an old version of Polkadot Wiki (currently it became too overloaded):


Would be great to have commitment from teams and community members to contribute the initial content but even more important to continue improving and contributing to it over time.

Comment here with your commitments and what are pieces of content you would like to see or can write .

I put myself in a place for heading this initiative and seeing to it success


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Welcome, brother–is this something that you’d like to be handled as a grant proposal or just a general thing that you’d like to see established?

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The Only thing we need to do here is to compensate every contributor
Since every community members is allowed to participate
I will make a spreadsheet of every contributor
How much words they contributed to the wiki
Then send it to the Foundation or Grant team for Compensation
For an example the stat will be like $1 for 100 words which is accepted into the wiki
So every month I will send the tally of everybody’s contribution for compensation

The spreadsheet am doing will be publicly view so everyone knows how many word they added

I will also make sure topics are not repeated

Okay, great, I’m going to change this to a grant proposal then.

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Yea it will be fine then but I don’t have specific numbers of how many contributors we will have or how much word they will add
So I can’t really get a figure but it will require a monthly funding though
How I was planning on during it was to receive approval to go ahead after the first month I will send the Total amount needed to the grant team.

Since the spreadsheet going to make will be publicly view for transparency

In the spreadsheet will contain the name of contributor
How many words they contributed
The amount earned and the link to their contributions

How am going to compensate Contributor
$1 per 20 words written (or anybody can suggest a better way of rewarding contributors)

No repetition of topic

So To create a work satisfaction for contributors
The reward system will be pegged at $1 per 20 words


i will constanly update this sheet for transparency purpose

looking forward to feedback from the community to execute this program

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Okay, great. It’s best if you have a set amount that you’re asking for, so we can review and make a decision, and approve of any incentives first. That way you don’t end up stating an amount that contributors will receive, get started, and then there’s a possibility it doesn’t end up getting funded or you don’t receive as much funding as you’d like to receive. How much you want to ask for we leave to you, but we can certainly set it up so that there’s a total amount that’s approved, and funds are transferred to you for distribution on a monthly basis, for example. The terms of how to approach this should just be a bit more clear.

In addition, some information here about your background or qualifications to lead such an undertaking would be very helpful, and more specifics about the platform to be used, procedures for reviewing content and contributions, etc. You want to take it beyond the idea stage and turn this into a more formal request.

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ORGANIZATION: this program will be run by Two individuals
Myself and @Simeon

I am 400 level student of mechanical engineering ,am a crypto enthusiast who perform contribution to several
I perform the role of community building, business development and Blockchain marketing very well
Having work on this role for projects like GamyFi , Hawksight , near protocol , human protocol and many more am ready to perform the same role and even do further than this two roles

In the other hand @Simeon who I also introduce and brought into the ecosystem for a smooth run of the program
Simeon is 400 level student of computer science
Simeon is rust developer , community builder and many more
A member of the students developer club in akwa Ibom State University

Our role in the wiki establishment
As a developer Simeon will work on the GitHub aspect of this program
Proper arrangements of Articles , Styling as well as managing it to make it look proper
He was in the fore front during the establishment of the near wiki
So we expect something nice and clean from his angle

My role on the other hand is to ensure I educate people who wants to contribute , look at the content of contribution ,make recordings , as well as check properly for people who wants to cheat , calculate rewards and send payment

Together I And Simeon have work together numerous times and the recent is on the Near University Hub in Nigeria Universities

Detailed description of grant request

How will this program benefits Aura ecosystem :
Github wiki plan

As said already, the primary goal of establishing the wiki is to have a central place where all major information about the Aura ecosystem will be be available. The content will be updated on a timely basis to ensure that both new and existing community members can use the wiki as a one-stop resource center to learn about the Aura protocol and it’s ecosystem.

The idea is to get the wiki up and running via GitHub Wiki pages and then, community members who want to contribute to the contents can do so and there would be a “pool” to reward community members for their contributions and efforts.

How much are we requesting : just like @Franklin advised we need to have a specific figure
We will be requesting for $5000 for this program

How the money will be spent

Administrative will be paif $600 (i.e $300 for myself and $300 for Simeon )
The remaining $4400 will be use as compensation to all contributors
At the end of the month we will calculate
All amount earn by contributors via this sheet

And we will send the payment

Note : if the money is not exhausted at the end of the month it will be move over to the next month and the same cycle happens again
Administrative $600
The rest go back to the contributors
We will continue to do this until the entire grant is exhausted

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There would be guidelines detailing how contributions should be made alongside etiquette for the wiki contributors. Once the content is submitted, there will be a feedback/review loop window where suggestions and corrections are made. Once these changes are made, we can move to the final approval stages to get these changes merged into the wiki.

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And the entire council if any want to ask any question bout this grant am willing to answer
As well as gather feedback too

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Hi, this grant application will be taken to vote by the eco-fund committee tomorrow. If you would like to add to any of the questions asked here then please do so in the next 24 hours

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OK sure mate :heart:
I am all ready

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Thank you for your grant submission. The Committee has completed the discussion and review process over the last 7 days. In this instance, the Committee has decided to not approve your grant request. If you would like further details as to the decision making process please feel free to reach out to the committee via the forum. Once again, thank you for your proposal and for your ongoing support of Aura Finance.

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Great whatever the decided must have been for the best of the ecosystem
Can I get full details about the review?

Hi Najbaby, we’d be happy to share the reasoning, but it will be public, and we won’t engage in further discussion after the feedback is posted. Please be aware that any feedback for a proposal that was not accepted may include negative commentary as to the value of the proposal to the wider Aura ecosystem.

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Yea sure
I know
No further discussion