[Grant Proposal] Revelo Intel

Name: Souvlaki

Organization: Revelo Intel

Telegram Account: @souvlaki1

Detailed Description of Grant Request

The grant will be used to deliver across six areas:

  1. The production of four quarterly performance reports

These reports will look at an overview of the protocol’s progress (e.g.:TVL growth), Treasury composition and key governance proposals that have passed. They would not speculate on future events.

I have experience in doing quarterly reports at Beethoven X, here are some examples:

Q2 - Monthly, Quarterly and Half Year Performance Report | by Beethoven x | Medium
Q3 - Beethoven X — Quarter 3 Report. Re-imagineering the future of DeFi, one… | by Beethoven x | Beethoven X | Medium

  1. An Aura project Breakdown Report that would create:
  • A comprehensive and complete guide to the Aura ecosystem. This information is gathered through researching all Aura documentation, announcements, listening to interviews and other sources of information. The report itself is generally more than 50 pages and is updated as protocol advances
  • An easy-to-understand overview, visually pleasing flowcharts and diagrams, detailed project mechanics, tokenomics, where it fits in the crypto landscape, and everything else an investor or user might need to know.
  • an end-to-end timeline of your project’s important events, from inception to present day.
  • placement on the Revelo Intel Platform in an organized, easy-to-navigate manner.
  • Dedicated Aura channel in our discord for members to discuss the breakdown and ongoing events
  1. A breakdown video done by either Nick Drakon and/ or I on Aura as a project, this will be around an hour long

  2. 12 months coverage of through our Notes

We will systematically follow and provide consumable summaries of Aura’s articles, AMAs, interviews, podcasts, and announcements. This includes:

  • a dedicated Revelo Intel Notes analyst assigned to follow Aura
  • distribution through multiple mediums and user bases
  1. 12 months coverage through our newsletter, in which we would highlight key developments happening at Aura. The newsletter gets issued daily

  2. An invitation for any credible and involved Aura contributor to appear on our Defi Sparks Podcast

How will your project benefit the Aura Ecosystem?

Our aim is to provide value in the following ways:

  • Add insights into both the performance of Aura and its DAO
  • Raise awareness and assist the broader community of who Aura is
  • Keeping the community up to date with new developments in an efficient and concise manner

We will use all our social channels for distribution:

  1. Free Newsletter has 5,500 subscribers
  2. Youtube has 3,030 subscribers
  3. ReveloIntel has 8,000 Twitter followers
  4. Nick Drakon has 16,000 Twitter followers
  5. DeFiSparks Podcast averages 8,000 downloads per month across multiple platforms

Unfortunately i can’t add the links as I’m a new user

When will the grant begin and when will it be delivered?

This will happen in multiple phases

  • Quarterly reports - First one to be issued for June month end
  • Breakdown Report and timeline - 30 days
  • Notes coverage - Immediate
  • Newsletter coverage - Immediate
  • Podcast - 14 days

What applicable KPIs will you be implementing to measure performance?
Our KPI will be the quality of the product we offer. We have experience in delivering all these products and we are open to specific requests from Aura.
We are confident in our ability to deliver that Aura has the right to cancel the relationship at any time

How much are you requesting for the grant (denominated in USD)?

$24k in total, we have no preference on whether payments are made quarterly or monthly, just that the first payment is made upfront.

We are happy to receive the total split as per your preference (Aura vs stables)


I couldn’t add these links in the original, here is an example of both a project breakdown and timeline:

Welcome to the forum, brother. The AEF committee is currently reviewing your proposal.


Gm, unfortunately, your grant request has been declined. Due to advice from our attorneys, the AEF Council will not be proceeding w/ content based grants going forward. I believe you’re in touch with Matt already, he can give you some more background here about the decision making process.

Along w/ this note, we were requested to write that you perhaps consider applying to Balancer for a grant since they’ve previously approved something similar w/ Messari.

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I’m sorry to hear that, thank you considering the application