[Temperature Check] Garden Finance Partnership

Hi Team Aura, I’m from Garden Finance :potted_plant:, the fastest Bitcoin bridge in DeFi.
Garden enables users to bridge BTC and WBTC across chains in under 10 minutes!

So far, we have generated a total volume of $758M and partnered with Arbitrum and it’s leading projects like GMX, Radiant, and Vertex.

We are currently running the third season of our promotional campaign where we partner with projects from the Arbitrum ecosystem and provide our native token (SEED) rewards for engaging with the partner protocols.

If you’re interested in participating in the second cohort for this campaign, let me know…

Current Season quests: https://garden.finance/seasons/
Website: https://garden.finance/

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Thanks for your message!

Can you provide more details so we can evaluate it better?

The campaign is about tasks that our partner get benefited from the season. the current tasks includes GMX, Vertex, Radiant where users have to deposits their assets through garden and use our bridge. By making those tasks the user gets our native token $SEED which is used for staking, pay for gas fee when the user bridges & the partner get the volume in the protocol

Season 3 Tasks (Currently)

What we can bring you?
We could bring users to aura and create tasks for staking $WBTC on Arbitrium chain from garden finance and we incentive the users $SEED.
This is the idea we have as of now, If you are having any ideas/suggestions please let us know :slight_smile:

X : x.com