[Grant Proposal] Aura Marketing Campaign Led By Happy Stephen

Name : Happy Stephen

Organization : Aura Finance

Detailed Description of Grant Request : This is the grant request for Aura first marketing/promotional campaign led by @Najbaby in this campaign I will be working with 2 English YouTubers and one 2 Russia YouTuber
The channels are
Crypto plecho

51.1k subscribers with an Average view of 10k views per video

$400 per review


She is also very good with an average view of 10k per views per video
40.6k subscribers
$300 for a 6 minutes review bout Aura

Defi whale

58k subscribers

$300 per review

Gem zone

This is a double pack promo on both telegram and YouTube
123k subscribers

I will establish a gleam campaign also
The task on the gleam will be to join our

Discord server : Aura Finance

Telegram announcement channel : Telegram: Contact @aurafinance

Discourse : https://forum.aura.finance/

Follow us on twitter :


$200 to be randomly given to 20 people

And $800 for me for calculating the dot , assisting YouTubers in the script
Preparation of gleam
Tracking of the success of the campaign

How will your project benefit the Aura Ecosystem?

This is a campaign for the promotion/ creation of awareness bout Aura ecosystem
The campaign will bring new investors , builders , etc to aura ecosystem who will be willing to help
Shape the future of Aura

How much are you requesting for the grant?

4 YouTubers
Gleam campaign $200
Administration: 800

Total $2550

How do yo give $200 to 20 people if you’re only taking a $200 budget?

I understand the Video proposal. I don’t really understand what this glean campaign is and the budget doesn’t make sense. Can you provide more details here?

Would you be happy to execute on the video part of this grant without the Glean campaign? What part of your management fee was for managing the Glean part?

Also, can you provide some examples of what the tracking/reporting on the success of the campaign would look like?

The entire Budget is estimated to $2550

the GLEAM CAMPAIGN is going to contain task to promote AURA SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM like our twitter account , retweet our pin tweet , joim discord and join our telegram announce channel …
i will ensure the $200 will be share to active community members who comes in and partake in the campaign
$20 for 20 randomly selected winners
social media promotion is one of the most active way to reach out to more audience , with my experience and what i have seen so far if a project is able to secure good audience and build a strong social media community it is 100% likely to suceed … the community is the backbone of every project the gleam campaign will bring more people into the ecosystem if 100 % joins the community it is very possible for 60% to pick an interest in the community building … strong community hypes the project …this is the reason i brought in the gleam campaign to put a bounty to encourage people to take part in building our social media platform

concerning the budget

the 4 youtubers will get $1550
gleam campaign bounty $200
admistration which is my time for tracking the whole marketing campaign $800

yes sure i will be okay to do away with the gleam but for me i feel its ok for the gleam to be there

the kpi of this campaign would strongly rely on how many people who didnt know bout aura get to know bout aura
how many joined our community
how many new users turn out to be active community members

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is the proposal still active ?

yes, it will be taken to vote in the future. We will let you know when.

Hi, this grant request has been taken to the Grant committee for review and voting. If you would like to make any final amendments to the proposal to further clarify any of the questions raised, then please do so in the next 24 hours

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Thank you for your grant submission. The Committee has completed the discussion and review process over the last 7 days. In this instance, the Committee has decided to not approve your grant request. If you would like further details as to the decision making process please feel free to reach out to the committee via the forum. Once again, thank you for your proposal and for your ongoing support of Aura Finance.

Additional note:
This is the second such request from this grantee in a very short period of time. The grantee is asking the community to trust him to deliver on something and on a project in which he has only been active for a very short period of time. The grantee has not produced any work thus far that would indicate that he is capable of completing tasks such as this or the previous request for the Aura wiki. It is recommended that the grantee find other ways to help the community over a period of time and to better understand Aura Finance as a protocol before applying for another grant.

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Wish Aura success :heart: We see in the future :blush: