[Temperature Check] Seeking a grant for U-Hack: A hackathon organized by students, for top university students worldwide

U-Hack has the aim to unite, unleash & unlock the potential of the brightest minds of the next generation. The focus of the hackathon will be advancing the borders of DeFi to broaden adoption, and will take place between Feb 10th to March 14th. There will be a $100k prize pool for participating students.

Throughout the hackathon, weekly events will be held to bolster knowledge. On weekends, top protocols will be joining us to talk about challenges they’ve overcome & dive into their unique mechanics. Subsequently, fireside chats will be held with participants about the future of blockchain & crypto. On top of this, VC mentoring will be regularly available with the goal to enhance project viability in the real world.

The end goal of U-hack is to foster as many viable projects as possible to reality. All submissions will be circled through a network of VCs & accelerators for maximum exposure.

Becoming a sponsor of U-Hack will give access to the brightest minds of the next generation and with that - potential founders of significant projects in the future. Sponsors of U-Hack can get close to participants through weekly mentoring sessions, where they can provide them with feedback & influence their projects & give them a competitive edge in the real world.

U-Hack Deck: DocSend

Website: https://uhack.xyz

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